"The disposable camera of the 21st century"

As everyone else they know - the trend of one-way cameras at parties and festive events such as weddings. However, we now have the 21st century and this trend is no longer contemporary. But the benefit is beyond question.


Today everyone has their camera in the smartphone. Unfortunately it is annoying after the party of all guests to collect the photos. And other innovations are also difficult to implement. PartyMotion is the solution to this problem.

Guests are free to download the app, log in with a code they receive from the host and take pictures of what they like.


All photos can be viewed by all guests live in the app. And who likes, can also play the pictures in real time on a TV or a slide in a slideshow - right at the party!

All photos are saved in the PartyMotion Cloud. A direct assignment with a user is not given according to high data protection standards.


As a party manager, you have the option to choose from various packages - depending on whether it is a girls' night or a large village fete.


The app can be tested by anyone with up to 10 photos for free. The packages are then simply activated via in-app purchase.